Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Broken Swing

Last year, my sister and I went on a photoshoot in our back yard. We found an old tire swing, and so I sat on it and swung back and forth while my sister snapped some shots. "Okay, my turn," she called. Taking a flying leap, she launched herself onto the swing and began to swing back and forth. On her second or third time, however, the swing broke, and my sister found herself sitting on the ground. We both had a good laugh and decided not to take pictures there anymore. 

Today I was thinking though, of how much sitting on the swing is like being out in the world. It looks fun, and it looks tempting, but if you are not firmly anchored onto Christ, you will fall. This has been especially true for me in college, because it's a lot harder to have that firm connection to Him with all of the distractions. I know that unlike the swing, however, if I hold onto Him tightly, I will never fall.

Keep holding on!

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